Panasonic take over on

by on Oct.01, 2009, under Flash

Some Flash banners for a full a page take over of Cnet Australia that I created for Panasonic’s new High Definition Blu Ray recorder, quite a cool campaign running on TV and various media at the moment. Agency: Rhodes Wingrove.

Take a look at:

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Osmocote and Scotts Lawn Builder banners

by on Sep.01, 2009, under Misc

A few Flash banners I created for Osmocote and Scotts Lawn Builder on behalf of the guys at Rhodes Wingrove ( Banner designs by Nathan Willdig at Rhodes Wingrove.

The tap banner was a bit of a trick as it’s always difficult to simulate flowing water nicely, especially when it needs to be interactive and dynamic. There were the usual file size restrictions to work within but I was quite pleased with the final banners.

Scotts Lawn Builder:


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Tour East Australia and Japanese Localisation

by on Aug.25, 2009, under Misc

This is a site I put together for Tour East, a division of Qantas

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Oven Baking Ice Hockey Skates at Home

by on Aug.12, 2009, under Misc

Decided to post about this because I couldnt find much information on it myself.

I just baked a pair of 2009 CCM U+ Skates in my oven. Here’s the recipe:

Pre heat oven to approx 200 Fahrenheit/93 Celsius

Place the skate on a ceramic plate, I find the girlfriends “expensive plates” work best.


Put the sktes in making sure nothing is touching any metal, just the “expensive plate”.


My CCM’s specified 2-3 minutes for senior size skate (2 min for a junior). I gave mine 2min 30sec each.

Strap them on fairly tight all the way up.

Make a few passes tightening up laces a bit more each time until you’ve got the boot strapped a little tighter then you would on game day.

Kick back and watch the Redwings beat someone.

I left mine on for about 40mins until I couldnt take the pain and loosened the laces back, re-tightened and sat for another 30mins or so.

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by on Aug.06, 2009, under CSS, Design, Flash, JavaScript

Today we rolled out the new version of the Sanity Australia web site. Several months of blood, sweat and late nights went into this one. It’s a major e-commerce site built for Australias biggest music and dvd retailer. I was responsible for the front-end development and .NET integration.

Take a look at:

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by on Aug.06, 2009, under Flash, Papervision

PapervisionShowcase com papervisionshowcase com 300x277 Officially Official It’s officially official, has undergone it’s final redesign and it has been launched on the Papervision Blogs. It’s a great honor to be joining the official Papervision team and I hope to find other interesting ways to help support the PV3D community.

I’ve also got some ideas for a few enhancements to the site and I’m adding Papervision projects daily so check it out, the best Papervision web sites at

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Accessing ActionScript MouseWheel scroll Delta for all screen resolutions

by on Aug.04, 2009, under ActionScript

While some of you may have known this already but the delta value (booth AS3 & AS1/2) depends on the Operating Systems’ scroll settings, namely the scroll speed which can be different from system to system. Some systems scroll 3 lines at a time, some 7, some scroll an entire page.

So the best way to normalize this is by using Math.abs() like so:

var scroll = delta / Math.abs(delta);

 Accessing ActionScript MouseWheel scroll Delta for all screen resolutions
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Site Preview: Crust Pizza

by on Aug.04, 2009, under ActionScript, CSS, Design, Flash

A preview of the new Crust site featuring quite a cool Carousel I created from pre-rendered FLV video. I did a version of this Carousel in Papervision 3D but decided to run with a 3D pre-rendered version as the level of interactivity didnt require a full PV3D application.

The Carousel uses 2 small FLVs, one for the scrolling and one for the box opening. I simply loop part of the scrolling video to allow the boxes to slide multiple times and reverse the videos for animating the slide in the opposite direction or to close the box lids. I then load the Pizza PNG itself under a dynamic mask on top of the FLV along with the Pizza information from an XML web service. Video rendering by Jonathan Miranda.

ActionScript 3, Tweenlite, Bulkloader.

Cool effect. Check it out at:

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